How to turn your iPhone/Android into a Walkie Talkie?

walkie talkie for iPhone and Android       heytell for iPhone

Many people are using text messages or emails instead of using phone calls.

It’s fast, convenient, no need to worry about artificial conversation… you know how it’s like…

In fact, people nowadays, prefer to avoid synchronous conversations (where person 1 is talking, then person 2 must reply in a reasonable time, then person 1 talks again, etc.).

When you are on the move, busy, doing stuff, you sometimes prefer having a long, broken, asynchronous, intermittently discussion.

But then again, texting does require… typing..
Typing is kind of slow, and it is not easy to type when you are driving, or when your hands are full.

That’s why HeyTell is such a genius app and at the same time so basic…
HeyTell is a modern Walkie Talkie. It adds sound to text messages.

With HeyTell you communicate with contacts via audible messages, once the connection is set (requires inviting people from your contacts list). The app uses push notifications, and the recording of a message is done extremely easily.

Instead of aggregating the chat like in SMS apps – it holds a queue of all the audio files (in case you didn’t manage to understand the message in the first attempt), organized by the name of the contacts.

HeyTell uses both cellular network and Wi=Fi.
It is available for both iPhone and Android.

Oh, and the best part? HeyTell is totally free!!!


One thought on “How to turn your iPhone/Android into a Walkie Talkie?

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